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Java Universal Distributed Game Engine

Development Staff

Kodos Dan Pasco (Creator)
Kang Dan McShan (Admin)
Benjammin Ben Tobias (Admin)
Thompkin Guido Hunt (Admin)

The Judge Project's Sourceforge page.

Links: Useful Applications

Sourceforge Documentation

CVS Howto
Win32/CVS/SSH Guide
SourceForge setup tool for CVS/SSH/Win32
CVS Frequently Asked Questions

Open Gaming Foundation Links

D20 System Info

Useful Tools

Java 2 SDK A "must have" for all java developers. The Windows Port of the Concurrent Versioning System.
Sourceforge setup tool for wincvs This is a life saver. THIS INCLUDES SSH FOR WINDOWS
Cygwin tools for Win32 Tools like make, grep, and ls ported to Windows.
Visual Cafe' Standard Edition for Windows (free) A very nice IDE for java projects.
ArgoUML Design Tool An Opensource UML design tool.

Tips For Admins

How to upload stuff to our website:

Use scp (secure copy)
    C:\>scp <SourceFileName><DestFileName>

How check out code under linux (developers only):

export CVS_RSH=ssh 
cvs -z3 co judge

How commit your changes under linux (developers only):

export CVS_RSH=ssh 
cvs -z3 commit


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